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Tuesday 11am - 5pm
Wednesday 11am - 5pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday/Monday Closed

Time to time the studio will be closed as we attend outside events.  These closures will be posted.

Art Journaling Drop in Day

Every other Thursday we encourage art journalers of all interests, styles and levels to come to the studio to play in their books. We'd love you to join us! Bring your journals, tools and inspiration to the studio with you. There is no formal class, just a group of people inspiring each other. Drop in anytime (most come late afternoon or after work and we stay until about 9 or so) Please RSVP to reserve a space. Studio Fee - $2/hr

Please check our online calendar for the next art journal day.

Studio Workshops

Our workshop dates and times are flexible. Contact the studio if you are interested in taking one of the classes listed below to arrange a time. Classes are offered anytime during studio retail hours or after hours with a minimum of 4 participants. Groups to a max of 25 are welcome.


Art Journaling with PanPastels

In this class, Karen will introduce you to the wonderful world of PanPastels and how they are a perfect Art Journaling medium. We'll be discussing how this “dry paint” can be used as accents, painted through stencils and layered to create some “rich depth” in your work. Best part - no heat guns! Painting with instant gratification!

Topics will include:

  • Gesso vs Grounds when using PanPastel.
  • Tints and Shades: how to create colour variation and depth in your work.
  • Tools and Techniques: Sofft Sponges and how they're used.

Supply List

  • Your Art Journal - I used the Dylusions Creative Journal
  • Journaling Pens (Sharpie or PITT Pen) - Black
  • White Gel Pen - for doodling. Best I’ve found is the Uniball Signo White Pen

Shared Supplies Provided

  • PanPastels - The “Art House” Journal Page uses the colour, tint and shade of the following colours: Permanent Red, Orange, Dairyide Yellow and Turquoise. We also use black and white. (please note the shades and tints are helpful but optional) In studio class participants will have access to all colours but bring what you have to limit sharing if you like. Please put your name on your colours.
  • Sofft Tools - Pointed Sponges, small applicators and knives (I use the flat knife most often)
  • Soft Pastels (Optional) - Faber Castell
  • Spray Fixative (Krylon or Spectra Fix)
  • Stencils (I love little dots and circles - and don’t forget an alphabet one *smile*)
  • Pencil
In Studio Class Duration: 3 hours
Class Fee: $35 + HST
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

Pastel Portraits and Still Life with PanPastel

I've had so many people comment on the PanPastel paintings I created in the studio I felt it was high time for a class! YAY!

This is a lesson in “seeing” colour. If you look closely nothing is ever just “red” or “yellow” there are various shades and tints of numerous colours in play - a spectrum of colour if you will. *smile*. This “in studio” class will focus on the art of painting with PanPastel - colour placement and creating depth. Students will transfer their favourite portrait (or still life image) of their choice to an 8x10 stretched canvas and use the Sofft tools to colour it with pastels. So fun. You'll be amazed at how fabulous your picture will become just by paying attention to colour.

Techniques and ideas discussed in this class can be used to create your own painting in the future without the use of transfer images to guide you. Come give it a try and amaze yourself!!!

Supply List

  • 2 colour copies of your Image (images should be simple - not too detailed. If you choose to create a still life painting over a portrait, may I suggest selecting an image of an oil painted still life. I find it a little easier to distinguish and replicate colour from an oil painting. Just a tip when choosing your image *wink*). Images should be printed copies from your home printer.
  • Regular Gel Medium - I use Golden (for the transfer)

Shared Supplies Provided

  • Acrylic Grounds for Pastels - Golden
  • PanPastels (students will have access to the complete Pan Pastel colour palette but if you have your own, please bring to reduce sharing if you like)
  • Soft Pastels - I use Faber Castell
  • Pastel Pencils - I use Faber Castell
  • Sofft Tools (Bar Sponges, knives and applicators)
  • Spray Fixative (Krylon or Spectrafix)
In Studio Class Duration: 3 hours
Class Fee: $45 + HST (includes canvas)
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

“Release” Your Paint Inhibitions and Expressively Create

Let yourself go. Learn to expressively paint with an abundance of acrylic colour and mediums. Create abstract, intuitive paintings that express not only your creativity but your passion. It's completely therapeutic and a whole lot of fun!

This is an all day painting workshop. No two workshops are alike. They are not scripted,.they will evolve. Courage and understanding on how to create with acrylic paints a plus but not necessary. You will be working on large canvases. Come and learn how to express yourself through paint!

Supply List

  • Acrylic Paints
  • Acrylic Molding Pastes and Mediums
  • Brushes
  • Stencils and Masks
  • Spray bottles and spray paints
  • Misc Items to make textures (bubble wraps, cardboard, Catalyst blades and wedges, 3D paint pens, etc). Contact the studio for more information.
In Studio Class Duration: 6 hours. You are encouraged to bring a lunch
Class Fee: $65 + HST (includes canvas)
Please add $15 to use the studio paints and mediums
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

Painting with Stencils and Masks

This is a beginners look into creating beautiful textural canvases with no painting skills required - just stencils - lots and lots of stencils … and masks too! We can't forget them! We'll talk about colour mixing and complimentary colours and creating that elusive “pop”. Come enjoy canvas making at the studio. Best part... all the techniques you'll learn in this class can be used to accent your paper crafts, create some fun journal pages and even help you gain confidence to create bigger and bolder pieces on canvas.

Supply List

  • 6x12 canvas (provided)
  • acrylic paints
  • light molding paste
  • stencils (use of studio stencils and masks included)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Trowel knife for spreading mediums
  • Journaling Pens (Sharpie or PITT Pen) - Black
In Studio Class Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours.
Class Fee: $35 + HST (use studio paints and mediums, add $10)
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

Plastered Luminescence

Oh my GOSH! You are going to LOVE how Luminarte's SILKS "luminate" when painted and layered over a black surface. Soooo fun.

You will receive an email with video links (and any pertinent information for the class) within 48 hours of registering for the class. Full class support will be offered.

This class is created on an MDF Canvas Panel that has been plastered, etched and painted with ...can you guess? ... Luminarte's Silks Acrylic Glaze! LOVE how these colours POP and look like metal when painted over a dark surface and varnished for protection. LOVE LOVE LOVE how these paints layer, build dimension and shine. I hope you join me in the discovery!!

*please note* - you will be etching your own designs into the plaster. Some sketched templates will be made available to those who would like to use them but you will be encouraged to etch your own designs. The sample here just show a simple "art house" design. You can doodle sketch or draw anything you like into the plaster - detailed or simple lines!

Class Includes

  • Pre-Plastered MDF Board (8x8 or 6x6)
  • use of shared tools
  • use of Self Leveling Gel

Students to bring

  • Their own etching tools
  • Ruler, Pencil
  • Paint Brushes (various sizes), Palette Knife, Water Container
  • Black Gesso
  • Favourite Luminarte Silks
In Studio Class Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours.
Class Fee: $35 + HST (use studio paints and mediums, add $10)
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

Introduction to Mono Printing with Gelli Plates

Join Karen in the studio to create a fabulous 16 page fold out journal from a mono printed 20"x24" piece of Tisiano Watercolour paper.

Learn how to use a Gelli Plate to create a true one of a kind piece of art and then cut and fold it into a journal you can play in and fill with your favourite things

Provided Materials

  • The use of a 8x10 Gelli Plate
  • The use of Crafter's Workshop and other stencils
  • 20"x26" piece of Tisiano Watercolour Paper
  • Misc items to make impressions
  • A Magic Sponge (you can take your completed Sponge Stamp with you)
  • Buttons
  • Wax thread and a Needle
  • Twine

Students to Bring (please at $10 to the course fee to use studio paints, brushes, brayer etc.)

  • Acrylic Paints in your favourite colours
  • A Brayer
  • Wash Brushes
  • Water Container
  • Scoring Tool (bone folder)
  • Archival Inks (optional)
In Studio Class Duration: 3 hours
Class Fee: $35 + HST (use studio paints and mediums, add $10)
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

Do More of What Makes You Happy

This canvas was originally introduced in a USTREAM broadcast and by popular demand I have decided to offer it as a class in the studio.

Learn how I created this 12x24 Stretched Canvas using both Acrylic Paints and Mediums (the background) and Watercolours (the letters).

Learn how to shading with PanPastel will make things POP off the page.

Students are encouraged to use their own favourite saying and are asked to bring it and a poem that supports it to the class.

Provided Materials

  • 12x24 Stretched Canvas
  • Watercolour Papers
  • Water containers, Paper Towels, etc.
  • >Use of Paints and Brushes if required

Students to Bring

  • >Black Pitt Pen, Sharpie or any other non-waterbased marker (one that won't smudge)
  • Watercolour Paints
  • Acrylic Paints for the background
  • Light Molding Paste (if you have)
  • Wash and Water Brushes
  • Gel Medium or Claudine Hellmuth's Multi Medium or PPA
  • PanPastel - Black
  • Scissors
In Studio Class Duration: 4 hours
Class Fee: $45 + HST (use studio paints and mediums, add $10)
Contact the Studio for more information 519 267 6620

About Me

I'm a woman who likes to experiment with all things artsy. I'm a mixed media artist, card maker and art journaler who loves new challenges, experiments and developing new techniques and skills .

I am a proud contributing writer for the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine, and have been fortunate to have some of my stencil designs distributed by The Crafter's Workshop and also a fun polymer stamp line with fellow Canadian company myStamp BOX!

I write, create and do most of my teaching from my working studio - The Art House Studio The studio has evolved and grown into a thriving retail store while continuing to provide a place for people to create and learn from either myself or some of my talented friends in the industry. 2013, for example, will welcome Joanne Sharpe, Sue Pelletier, Anna Dabrowska, Donna Downey and Dina Wakley to name a few.

I am one of THOSE people - a lifetime crafter who has dabbled in everything from knitting/crochet, metal art, jewelry making to encaustic. I started scrapbooking in 1995 when I was pregnant with my (not so) little one and immersed myself into mixed-media in 2005 and have become completely addicted. I love texture and I'm never more happy than when I'm elbow deep in paint or mediums, tossing it around just to see what it will do. That is my true happy place.

Most of my projects are media based and I like to switch it up quite a bit. One day I'll be working in my Visual Journal, the next a canvas but don't think for a minute I won't create a wearable or sew something unique into a bag or other accessory. It's all good and the variety satisfies my creative ADHD tendencies! Join me on Friday Nights 6:30 EST on USTREAM to see what I mean. I broadcast live every Friday from the studio and you never know what I'm going to create. In fact, I never do until I click “start broadcast” .... okay, maybe I know an hour before. Smile But I think you understand.

Be Creative!!  and feel free to contact me anytime